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Back in Seattle

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So, rather unexpectedly, I have moved back to Seattle. I’ve been back since Saturday night.

I know this is pretty sudden and some of my friends are probably going to be rather surprised and possibly alarmed.

Life in San Francisco started unravelling VERY fast. In February, I lost my job. Then, I was EXTREMELY ill for the entire month of March. I found out on April 1 that I had to move out of my apartment by April 30, and I decided that faced with having to find a job and a new place to live in less than a month, that it was time to pack it up and move back to Seattle.


I miss all my friends down there, and I hope I will be back sooner rather than later, hopefully at some point back to stay. But right now, moving back to my hometown and taking a break while I regroup and get my life back together is what’s most important to me.

The hardest thing was making the decision to move without getting to say goodbye to most of my friends down there, without getting to go to Death Guild one last time, without getting to do any of the stuff I wanted to do before I left. But, it was better that I left once I had made the decision to leave, rather than hang around.


Erik came down on Thursday, April 3, and we rented a moving van, helped my friend Kurt move a desk, and rested up to do the Big Move the next morning. On Friday, April 4, we packed the van up, cleaned my room, stopped for a bite to eat and hit the road. By that evening we were at the California/Oregon border (in Yreka), where we stopped for the night. We made it to my mom and dad’s house by 21:00 on Saturday night and unpacked a bunch of my stuff on Sunday. We finished unloading the rest of my stuff Monday and returned the truck.

Living with my parents is taking some getting used to, that’s for sure. Their house is beautiful and comfortable, I don’t have to pay rent and I dont’ have to worry about IMMEDIATELY GETTING A JOB, so that’s good. But giving up the independence I’ve had the last 8 years has been a tough transition. I live out in the middle of nowhere (seriously - pizza hut doesn’t deliver all the way out here!) but I have my car.


At least I’ve been able to get some of my decorative items out of boxes and put them up to make my space a little bit more “my own.” I am happy with how my dresser has shaped up with all my postcards on it. The lamp (on which I’ve hung the goggles I wore at Burning Man and several necklaces) and dresser are both antiques and I have had both of them since I was young. All in all my space here is pretty nice. It’s clean and quiet and I have room to spread out a bit.

Other than cleaning and decorating, I’ve been trying to keep myself happy and amused. I’ve been doing a lot of laundry. I’ve also been making efforts to eat better.


The best thing I can do right now is focus on myself and get my life back in order. So that’s what I’m doing. Even if “focus on myself” means “go out on the front porch and blow soap bubbles for 20 minutes.”


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