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Black Ice

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Yet more reasons that Burning Man was awesome this year. No, I’m not going to stop posting pictures any time soon.

They asked for “volunteers from Death Guild” for a shift at Ice-9. Hanging out in the back of a freezer truck and selling some blocks of ice? Sure! So we decided to call it “Black Ice” (har har) and make it an event - take our cars, park ‘em out front, you know. Industrial-ify the whole thing.

Well, they did not specify how MANY volunteers, so we just loaded up the cars (all of them) with as many people as we could find (about 45 of us) and drove across the Playa. When we arrived, the people there were quite surprised… they said “Dude, I was thinking about 10 people would show up - did you bring your whole camp?!” And did. We brought all the cars and music, too.

It started out tame. I am on the far left.

There were FAR too many people to be very much help, so most of us milled around in front, greeted people, and a bunch of us hopped up in the back of the truck… to mix drinks, heckle people and yell requests at the DJ.

We were pretty much hanging around, rocking out, drinking cocktails and yelling out greetings to our customers. We had brought vodka and bloody mary mix, but no cups, so we just found a couple paper cups, but for the most part, mixed them in our water bottles with the “share, share alike!” philosophy. Sky and Chris were trying to carve “ice cups” using pocket knives and block ice, but gave up and started sculpting skulls.

And that’s when things sort of started to degenerate.

As you can see… this ice situation was getting out of control when we started table dancing. Nothing raises tip money like scantily clad goth chicks dancing on the counters, right? And then, even the boys got into it. Kurt was table dancing at one point. I can’t remember with whom I was bumping and grinding to “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” but it was awesome.

Sky and Chris gave up sculpting ice-skulls, took an ice block and carved a winding path through it. We took it out front, and started “encouraging” everyone who came in for ice to “DO THE BOOZE LUGE!” after they completed their transaction. We would then pour a shot of vodka down the ice track into the mouth of our lucky victim. Random customers started BRINGING IN alcohol to encourage this deviancy. We ended up with two booze luges, and a selection of vodka, gin, rum, sak√©, cheap champagne, bad whiskey and baileys to send down the luge.

This all happened, by the way, in the middle of an all-out RAGING, white-out condition dust storm. But there we were, hiding in a tent and two refrigerated trucks, having a raucous, boozy, loud, possibly obnoxious dance party for our own and our customers amusement.

Volunteerism: Death Guild Thunderdome Style.

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