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Burning Man 2008 Preparations

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I recently got my hair done (by the lovely and talented Anna, who I will recommend to anybody!) and am quite happy with it. Why? As you may have guessed, I’m going to Burning Man again this year! Synthetic dreads and a shaved undercut should prove to be a pretty good hairstyle - keep my natural hair from getting in trouble and be pretty non-fussy. (other hair pictures: One, Two)

Preparations to leave are now in full swing - I have less than 10 days before I fly to San Francisco and subsequently leave for Black Rock City.

So here’s a post you TOTALLY CARE ABOUT!

Stuff I’ve Packed Already

  • 1 quart plastic bag (*snrk* thanks, airport security!) of small-sized essentials (you know… sunscreen, lotion, toothpaste, deodorant… uh… some other stuff I’ve forgotten in this list…)
  • Goggles
  • Scarf (you know, to breathe through).
  • Sun glasses
  • Some basic clothes: band shirts, black cargo capris, two black tank tops, my favorite long black skirt, my favorite medium-length black skirt, and a long, flowy black dress, socks, underwear.
  • My priest cassock (yes, this deserved its own line)
  • Death Guild Hoodie
  • Some costumey fun items to wear at Thunderdome and stuff
  • Makeup essentials: one black eyeliner pencil, one taupe eyebrow pencil, a 4-color dark-neutrals eyeshadow palette, reddish lip stain (what, you think I’m going to REAPPLY lipstick? I can even use lip balm over this stuff!)
  • Digital Camera (sealed in a plastic bag, duh)
  • 1 pair converse all star low-top sneakers (one black shoe, one grey shoe!)
  • 1 pair ballet flat style shoes
  • Various hair “stuff.” Scrunchies, hair ties, a small bag of little rubberbands for last-minute hair extension repair. Possibly some neat stuff to put IN my hair.
  • Two books (Lord of the Rings and The Fabric of the Cosmos, if you’re curious) and a sketchpad (and a pencil, duh)
  • A rubber spider for Kurt

This only fills up 1/2 of a carry-on rolling suitcase. Jesus! I’m a NINJA at packing, obviously!

To Be Acquired in San Francisco

(these can be put in the car, do not need to go in my suitcase)

  • Pillow (which will have to be borrowed unless I bring my own)
  • Sleeping Bag (which I will have to borrow once I get down there)
  • Purple awesome New Rocks I’m borrowing from a friend
  • Big bag of yogurt covered raisins
  • A bag of grapefruits.
  • Some hard candies
  • A couple of those pre-made tuna salad with crackers thingies

Also, duh, much water and plenty of food, but I’m not going to list all of that. The ones listed are the ones I want to bring as treats. :)

So, I’m sure you all found that INCREDIBLY interesting!

Only nine days to go!

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