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InSoc Does New Orleans!

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Oh, wow, what an awesome weekend!

I’d never had any particular desire to go to New Orleans, really. But that was pretty awesome. It was a little last minute but it worked out well - I hopped on a plane in Seattle and jetted to Houston, got lost in the labrynthine and confusing airport - it may have just been the sweltering heat, that was confusing me, though. Finally, I found the gate (on the other side of the damn airport!) where I was to board my connecting flight and almost walked right into Jim Cassidy.

HEY! YOU’RE IN THAT BAND! - Houston, TX - New Orleans, LA

In Houston

I was glad to not be the last or first person to arrive, so I called out “HEY OH MY GOD YOU’RE IN THAT BAND!!!” And then busted up laughing as Jim recognized me - who else could possibly be 5′1″ tall, all in black and sporting blood red spiky hair with orange bangs?! - and looked somewhat less disturbed. Paul was waiting at the gate and was extremely relieved to see us arrive, and urged us to get on the plane.

Kurt finally arrived - his flight from San Francisco had taken longer than expected and he made it right before they closed the doors - and we flew to New Orleans. I sat in front of Mr. KAZMEYER and he kicked the back of my seat until I told him I’d come back there and turn the plane around. Kurt gave me peanut M&Ms. I drew in my sketchbook and listened to Apoptygma Berzerk. 40 minutes after taking off from Houston, we arrived in New Orleans, gathered the gear and took the smallest limo ever to the hotel.


W were staying at the W, which was wicked swanky. immediately I took notice of a sign on the concierge desk that read, simply “WHATEVER.” Kurt saw it too and we both coveted it. However, the sign was soon forgotten when it came time to get something to eat, and we headed out into the bright, humid Louisiana afternoon.

Kurt took me on a walking tour of the French Quarter, we had an early dinner at a wonderful little restaurant with an intriguing menu. I had salad, an amazing, tasty salad with this creamy, wonderful cheese and steaming hot, delicious crusty bread. But the best thing was the heavenly brown sugar cheesecake. Oh, my, god. Yum. We ate and talked about people and music and art and philosophy and Beavis & Butthead.

KRISTIN LEARNS BEING A ROCKSTAR IS HARD - air conditioning + naptime = win!

However, the grass began to make me itchy, so we walked back to the hotel, went up to Paul’s hotel room (stopping to photograph a copy of USA TODAY with a funny, poorly constructed headline) and I got handed the task of removing the plastic wrap from about two dozen 12″ vinyl records, so that Kurt, Paul and Jim could autograph them, after which I could add them to the InSoc site.

They discussed the setlist for the show, listened to some music, made fun of each other’s signatures a little, and Kurt got room service and shared his french fries with me, which were very, very tasty. However, sitting on the floor of Paul’s room in the nice cool air conditioning after having been out in the sticky, hot weather made me want nothing more than a shower and a nap.

Being a rock star must be hard work, because I started to feel much more sleepy. Or maybe it was the heat. I’d prefer to think it’s because I was working hard at being a jet-setting rockstar. All those important rockstar things to do… and stuff. Okay, it’s because of the heat. Anyhow, I took a shower, and then I curled up and took a nap before it was time for the show.

HERE IS AMBER (and Kazmeyer)

I was still napping when my phone woke me up, but I didn’t answer it. Amber, a friend from LJ and Myspace, had driven from Florida to New Orleans to meet up with me (and the band!) and hang out and go to the show, though when she’d text-messaged me upon arrival in New Orleans I didn’t wake up, she caught up with Jim and got the official Kazmeyer-style tour of New Orleans. I’m not sure what that entails, but I’m sure it’s wacky. She mentioned bread pudding.

After throwing a cute outfit together, putting on some eyeliner and fluffing up my hair to be cute and spikey, making sure my camera was charged and stuffing my phone in my bag, I met up with everyone else in the lobby of the hotel. Kurt told me Amber was there and had gone to bring her car around, and when she pulled up I said hello and inwardly squealed because she has my stickers on her car. Jim and Paul and the gear went in one car, Kurt and I went in Amber’s car, and we were all off to the club.


It was loud, confusing, smoky, dark, and the people who ran the place were jerks.

The show? It sucked.

The club sucked, the crowd sucked, it was smoky and too loud, we suffered, and finally it was time for the band to go on… It was impossible to find somewhere from which to film so I chose a decent spot and hoped nobody would get in my way, since I’m tiny. The first song was unusable for the video, because they DIDN’T BRING THE LIGHTS UP, DIDN’T TURN ON THE STAGE MONITORS, and the sound was TERRIBLE. And, I kept getting bumped and jostled by UNRULY HOOLIGANS! God, the crowd was inebiated and obnoxious, and there was almost a threatening vibe in the air.

Finally, the lights and sound situation got sorted out as Peace & Love, Inc ended… But when “Back in the Day” began, so did the rest of the onslaught of idiocy that plagued the performance. The show was initially interrupted, at this point, by a security guard walking around ON STAGE (?!).


What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) was the next song, and for a moment it was as though the show would normalize - fat chance! By the time the first chorus was over, in came the next onslaught - about eight people and THE COPS (THE POLICE - REAL, UNIFORMED POLICE OFFICERS!) came running up on stage and through the door into the “green room” offstage area. Then, the police and their posse swarmed back out of the back room, once again crossing the stage, and finally left the show to continue.

Would the show end in peace? Nope. Due to the commotion with the police, Kurt became stuck backstage at the beginning of “Running.” And then, little ways into “Running,” the last song in the set, an EXTREMELY drunk girl decided to get up on the stage and begin attempting to bother, molest, and dance with James and Kurt - with security (strangely!) nowhere to be found, despite their on-stage meandering no less than 10 minutes previous!


The show could NOT have ended soon enough and Kurt, Amber and I bailed as soon as the show was over.

We realized however that we did not have directions back to the hotel, but between my recollection of the streetnames and Kurt NAVIGATING USING THE MOON, we found our way back. If that doesn’t make us look like total badasses, I don’t know what will, short of fighting an entire pack of werewolves with our bare hands, or something. As to not being able to read (or fold) a map, those rumors and allegations cannot be confirmed nor denied.

I was kind of irritated after the show and low bloodsugar-y but after a bit I came around and the night ended well - I ended up going back to the hotel, and getting room service, and hanging out with Kurt and Amber. It was a ton of fun, Amber is so sweet, I’m glad I got to finally meet her! Eventually, it was bedtime and I passed out like a rock.

COAT CHECK - Amber Stays a Step Ahead


Thank god, we didn’t have to leave stupid early in the morning. I woke up late, around 11, took a quick shower, packed my things… thought about going back to bed but didn’t.

Amber was waiting downstairs, because as it turns out, Kurt had left his coat in her car the night before on the way back from the club. So there she was, with Jim and Paul, in the lobby, waiting to give it to him! It was cool that I got to say goodbye to her, too - and she had a bewildered stranger take a picture of all five of us looking ridiculous and goofy.

On the way to the airport, the guys told me stories about how boring going on tour can be, and when we got to the airport, we all had some lunch - I had pecan pie and coffee, and it was GOOD.

HOLDING… HOLDING….. - New Orleans, LA - Houston, TX Lake Johnson, LA

The flight from New Orleans to Houston was insane. I was sitting next to a woman whose 4 year old son was HYSTERICAL throughout the entire flight… which normally would have been about 40 minutes. Well, the plane took off and flew the 40 minutes from NOLA to Houston, but had to go into a holding pattern over Houston. Then repeat. And repeat. Finally, we’d circled for long enough that we ran short on fuel had to land at Lake Johnson, LA.

On Tour!

Get this - the airport was FRICKIN’ CLOSED. TSA had gone home for the day so they informed us that unfortunately whoever got off the plane wouldn’t be able to get back on - but that didn’t phase the lady next to me, who took her hysterical, shrieking offspring and left the aircraft to find other transportation. This left me a row to myself, but I invited Kurt to come hang out with me because we had no clue how long it’d be and I needed someone to talk to, because I was starting to get really bored.

DEPARTURE TAKE TWO - Lake Johnson, LA - Houston, TX

The Captain (who sounded like a total choad, all “Uh, hi, this is the captain… we’ll be leaving hopefully soon… yeah.”) came on a few times and made some retarded announcements nobody paid attention to. Kurt and I started making up reasons that we hadn’t taken off - goats wandering onto the runway, Jim-bob wasn’t in the Air Traffic Control tower because he was busy wrestling gators down by the bayou, maybe the runway didn’t really exist…. But then we somehow got clearance to take off, and thus, we did.

Almost an hour later we took off, and an hour and 20 minutes after that, we were finally in Houston.

Even though the trip from New Orleans to Houston had taken us 3 hours more than usual, somehow Jim was able to catch his connection to Portland, and then Paul headed off to catch his connecting flight to Los Angeles. After talking for a while, Kurt went to catch his flight to San Francisco, and I was all by myself in a strange, frontier airport (okay, it was just like any other airport…) and I was starting to want some food…


I was actually really hungry, so luckily there was a Panda Express (mmm, chow mein!) at the airport… So I ate chow mein, read a book and waited for my flight to Seattle. Finally, when it was time to board, I had my ticket scanned and it gave that *bzzz* sound nobody wants to hear. They had to reassign my seat - after some doing the hokey pokey, and starting to feel really dizzy and sick, I was given a seat.

Unfortunately, it was in the back of the plane, next to some idiot woman who was a total bitch when I asked if I could trade and sit on the aisle, since I was feeling sick. When she made a big deal about it, I was going to give her the seat back, but she continued to be a bitch about it. So when she demanded to know why I was being so selfish, I told her (since she’d been bitchy) “I’m pregnant!!! How can you be so MEAN?!” *sob sob*

The look on her face was PRICELESS. I didn’t feel bad for lying.

And I was still giggling, on the inside, when we landed in Seattle, where Erik picked me up and took me home.

If you want, you can see my video and photos from the show on the Official Information Society Website.