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Birthday Continuation

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Embrace Your Icy Demise, Bitches!

Well, my birthday has not been the relaxing, lazy day that I’d planned, but nonetheless it has been fairly mellow. We had to go to work, even though it is quite the wintery, icy, snowy day. If I’d wanted to I suppose I could have cut work, but I kind of like that whole “paycheck” thing, and also the concept of “keeping my job.”

I suppose that it turned out to be a good thing, overall.

I knew, almost as soon as we stepped out the door, that it was going to be an interesting day. On the walk downtown to catch the bus, we saw the most awesome snowman in the history of snowmen. Some inspired people built a snowman on their front porch’s wide stone railing, and as we walked by they were just putting the finishing touches on their snowman/revolutionary/protester - complete with a “The End is Near!” type of sign on a pole. He even had on some sunglasses - probably to look cool.

But the best part was the message written on his sign. Since it’s hard to read in the picture, but too funny not to share, I typed up the the dire message from the snowman’s sign:



After laughing riotously and high-fiving a few times, we asked the “artists” if we could photograph their snow-creation. They said “Sure!” so we did, and continued on our way. The streets were slushy and slick, but once we got to downtown it was less so - in places. That was somewhat expected, though - the steep incline of Capitol Hill, where we live, keeps it much more icy than other parts of the city.

The bus was late, but we’d expected it would be at least a bit late - if it came at all. Once we were on the bus, we just kind of kicked back and rode to work. I nearly slipped down the hill walking from the bus stop to work, but other than that, the morning was wholly uneventful. Uneventful, that is, until the UPS delivery man arrived with a very large package for me.

Unexpected 'Gift'

I’d been expecting two things delivered to me at work, since my shift does not allow for me to be at home to sign for packages during delivery hours. The first item was my new camcorder, which I picked up last night at the UPS center after they couldn not deliver it - they’d tried at home, though I had asked they deliver it to work and they confirmed it. That was a little puzzling. But at least I was finally united with the wayward electronic device without much frustration.

What I was waiting on, and was expecting, was my GameCube, which I’d found (new!) on for a bargain price. So, after signing for the oddly huge box I brought it back to my desk, curious to get at the goodies inside. When I tore open the top, I couldn’t have even attempted to come up with something more baffling and hilarious to find instead of a video game console.

In the box, under a mountain of packing peanuts, was a box. The box did not contain a GameCube. It was not even from Amazon. The box I pulled out in front of my astonished coworkers, was… some sort of kitchen appliance. Shaped like… a chicken. A big, plastic chicken! It was a Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker. Apparently, you can put up to seven eggs inside, and set it to either hard- or soft-boil the eggs and also to poach up to four eggs at once… and it clucks when the eggs are done. A clucking chicken shaped egg-cooker.

Ordered from QVC, no less.

I checked the order receipt and was relieved to see that it really was delivered to me in error and wasn’t the wrong item - if I’d gotten an egg-cooker (chicken shaped or not) rather than a GameCube, I’d have been really upset.

After a short perusal of the order slip, and the box, I pieced together what had happened. The original recipient lives in the building next to mine - so when I had my package redirected and sent to my work, rather than home. Well, at some point it would seem that someone at UPS screwed up and put the sticker for my camera onto the egg cooker box since the addresses are so similar.

My last bit of worrying about the bizarre shipping mishap and turned to total hilarity when not even a few minutes later, a coworker brought me a package from the front door. It was, indeed, my gamecube. so, now, I’m actually the proud owner of a chicken-shaped doo-dad that cooks eggs, as WELL as a Gamecube.

What a birthday surprise.

Thank you to everyone who’s wished me a “happy birthday” today. I appreciate it.

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  1. Ian Adams Says:

    Shit, I totally forgot to wish you a happy birthday yesterday! Congrats on the Gamecube! I’ll have to bring over Naruto: Gekkitou Ninja Taisen 3 sometime. ;)

    Also, uh, congrats on the, uh, chicken-shaped egg cooker. :P

    Well, happy (belated by a day) birthday!

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