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Birthday Girl!

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Birthday Girl!

It’s my birthday today! And I woke up to a beautiful, heavy blanket of snow falling on downtown Seattle, with no sign of letting up any time soon. There is already an accumulation of about four inches of snow on the street, for crying out loud. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make it to work today - especially since we’ve been without a car and taking the bus. Being at the mercy of Metro is not easy or fun in times of adverse weather. I already hear sirens and horns, people must be driving like idiots out there.

It hasn’t even thawed out from the last heavy snow we had, and here it is pouring snow again. I am beginning to think perhaps the weather is confused and thinks it’s in Minneapolis or Denver. Not Seattle. The only time we see weather like this is when we go to the mountains to ski in it. But the fact that it’s downtown seattle, blanketed in snow as if it were the midwest or the East Coast, is astonishing. And beautiful! I thought I’d never want to see snow again after that miserable blizzard in which Erik and I walked home from work (10 miles!), but this is different. Special!


And not just the fact that it’s snowed this winter - sometimes it doesn’t snow at all - but we’ve had snow (real snow!) three times this year so far, and twice IN A ROW - without thawing between - just this week. Strange things are afoot at the circle K, to quote Bill and Ted.

Anyhow, yes. Happy birthday to me! I’m very excited to have gotten all this beautiful fluffy snow to make my birthday pretty. Something about today is different from all the rest of my birthdays. In general, I don’t like celebrating it - for some reason, I’ve had a anomalous number of birthdays that have been unpleasant in one way or another and I have grown to somewhat dislike my birthday. But today feels like it is going to be special - maybe even beautiful. The snow is sure helping with that part.

So, pending on whether I can get to work today, perhaps I’ll relax in my pajamas and watch the snow fall on the street outside, work on the Information Society website and related design work, and if we can make it up there, go up to the coffee shop with Erik and get some warm beverages and pastries for breakfast.

Yeah, I think today is going to be a good day.

[ View all my birthday morning snowstorm pictures on Flickr ]

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