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San Francisco Vacation - Day 5

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November 21, 2006 - Day Five

Brain Freeze?

We woke up early and went to the Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum and spent the morning looking at art and artifacts, including a big selection of sculpture by Rodin, tons of baroque style furniture, and a really crappy Dalí portrait. I mean, it wasn’t a bad PAINTING, it’s just boring compared to all the surreal, vividly dreamlike work Dalí is famous for.

We spent a while at the where the museum was locacted. The park was at the top of a hill with a beautiful view of the water and the Golden Gate Bridge. We spent a while enjoying the view, and then drove around the area for a while looking at some gorgeous houses and churches. There are SO MANY Cathedrals in San Francisco!

On the way back to the hotel we saw a tall stone pagoda marking the entrance to Japantown. So we decided that we would check it out. Erik parked across the street from a large cathedral with a gorgeous unique roof, and walked down the hill to Japantown to see what was there.

Different Things!

There was a large shopping area that was identical to many in Japan, where Erik tried his first crepe and liked it. We shopped in plenty of stores I’d only seen while I lived in Japan and browsed books briefly at the San Francisco branch of Kinokuniya. Erik took a picture of me being goofy and then we had dinner at a little cafe where I spoke Japanese to the owner. The curry we had was delicious and it was fun getting to use my language skills.

We found the weirdest store ever - a “discount store” of sorts, selling everything from auto parts to packets of ramen and soda, with an appropriate tagline of “different things!” We got a couple drinks and walked around, though the light was fading and we were full and tired. Before going back to the car, we saw the word POST in the cement and took a picture for Postmaster P, the cat.

Yes, we took a picture for the cat.

After a quick stop at Safeway for some snacks and drinks, we went back to the hotel and relaxed. We talked about what we wanted to do the next day and surfed the Internet, ate Nilla Wafers and completely goofed off. Around this time was when we decided “this vacation freakin’ rules.” and high fived like 10 times. Of course, any time we aren’t at work “freakin’ rules” to the point where we have to high five at least once.

Additional Photos:

Thinking at the Palace Erik Thinking Ow! My brains! DSC00854.jpg Bay View from the Museum Grounds Cathedral Fake Geisha Post Street Sidewalk

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