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San Francisco Vacation - Day 3 & 4

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November 19, 2006 - Day Three

Spaceman Erik

We got up bright and early and checked out of Hotel Metropolis, and drove to the Travelodge, which was a little way up Market St in a much better neighborhood.

We spent the rest of the day checking out the city - didn’t do anything in particular, just drove around and looked at houses, walked a bit, wondered why there were so many Brazilian restaurants around, stopped at Jamba Juice (where we got juicy refreshment) and realized that there is no possible way to turn left when you are in San Francisco.

It started getting dark, and we walked up the street to a little Chinese place that was kind of a hole-in-the-wall but had a number of tables full - which is usually a sign that the food is pretty good. While we waited for our food, Erik explained that forks are like corvettes. I couldn’t stop laughing!

Even though we were almost recovered from the trip down and were settling into a good pattern, around 9:00pm we were pretty tired. We were going to walk around more, but we ended up just chillin’, eating snacks, hanging out in the hotel room watching Discovery Channel and surfing the Internet. Around 10PM it was futile to stay awake any longer - we were zonked out.

Additional Photos:

Forks vs Corvettes

November 20th, 2006 - Day Four

Monday morning we woke up a little early and had breakfast at a place called the “all star cafe” on the corner of Van Ness and Market - they had awesome “breakfast muffins” for cheap and really tasty coffee. We also checked out the huge art store next door to our hotel, Flax Art Supplies which had a huuuuuge wooden artist model above the door and was like a WAREHOUSE of art supplies. I wanted all of it!

Game Girl

Around noon, my friend Kurt called me. We’d made plans to go get dinner and go out that evening, but wanted to solidify details. We decided to meet at his place around 7:30 PM. He suggested Erik and I check out the Palace of the Legion of Honour art museum that afternoon, but it was closed, we found out. We had coffee at Caffe Trieste, a wonderful little coffeeshop that had fantastic espresso, Wi-Fi and live piano music.

We ended up spending a few hours plotting out the rest of our vacation, familiarizing ourselves with the area, and planning how to get to Kurt’s place via MUNI (the San Francisco public transportation system). We ended up planning WAY too much time to actually get there and ended up in the neighborhood an hour early, so we got coffee at this adorable little hippie coffee shop on Cole & Haight.

Around 7:00PM we showed up at Kurt’s place, and Michelle, his lovely wife, let us in. Allistair, his son, was being a little fussy but calmed down after a little bit. We talked about movies, stupid naming conventions in He-Man, and video games, and then went to a lovely Italian place for dinner.

Kurt and Car

He gave me a really cool painting his friend Katie Miranda had done for him years ago. It’s a portrait of him, with Vector, his former car. Katie also worked on the cover artwork for Don’t Be Afraid, the 4th Information Society album. It was very sweet of him, I really like it! Art makes the world a happier place for me.

Dinner conversation was fantastic, and Allistair sat on my lap for the longest time and didn’t annoy me like most babies. He’s really the cutest baby ever - he was totally chill, even when he stuck his forearm in Kurt’s mouth. Michelle is adorable and smart and funny, I really enjoyed spending time with both of them. We walked back to Kurt and Michelle’s place, where Michelle was thrilled to be able to get ready for bed without having to worry about Allistair, who was coming to Death Guild with us.

The club where death guild is held, the Glas Kat was VERY large and had a lot of comfy places to sit. I relaxed and people-watched, Erik danced and Kurt took Allistair around to introduce him to people. Even though Kurt said I was a “loser” for not dancing, I far prefer to people-watch when I’m somewhere new - it was interesting!

Deathguild Craziness

Allistair was all dressed up for clubbing in stripey tiny socks, and a onesie was black with the words “CHICK MAGNET” on the front of it. Absolutely true. None of the women could resist squealing and cuddling him, and Kurt was every bit the absolutely proud father, which was adorable. I love it when parents enjoy hanging out with their children, instead of feeling like they are babysitting.

The music was good and the he club was fairly busy but Kurt said it’s usually packed - even on a Monday night, which amazes me! Apparently, that night (being the Monday before Thanksgiving) was pretty dead and nobody Kurt had been hoping to see was there, and Allistair was finally looking sleepy so Kurt gave us a ride back to the hotel.

As soon as we were in the car, Allistair promptly grabbed my finger with a grip of steel, entirely unnatural for a 6 month old baby, and stuffed it in his mouth. I explained to him that my finger was not part of him and I would need it back at some point, but he either didn’t understand or didn’t care. I finally got it back when he dozed off. Cute. Kurt and I decided to meet up again later that week, and after deciding to get together on Friday at some point, Kurt and Allistair went home.

Exhausted, Erik and I watched the end of The Blues Brothers, had some soda and fell asleep.

Additional Photos:

Geek Graffiti Deathguild Craziness

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