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San Francisco Vacation - Day 1 & 2

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November 17th, 2006 - Day One

Video Erik

We left Seattle in a rented bright blue Ford Focus at 1:15PM on Friday, November 17th. We didn’t take many pics on the way down, and Erik drove while I slept most of the way. We hit a lot of traffic in Portland, OR and Salem, OR. I didn’t realize Oregon got so foggy but it seemed as though we drove through so much fog we must have driven into a horror movie.

About halfway through Oregon, we found a Sonic Drive-in - we’d seen them advertised but knew there weren’t any in Washington, so we had to stop to see. Erik felt it entirely necessary to ask the girl who brought us our food if we could video tape her saying “Welcome to Sonic!” for our road trip video, and explained that we were on a road trip to San Francisco, and even though they play ads for Sonic on TV all the time, there weren’t any in Washington, and until then we hadn’t believed they actually existed. She looked amused and agreed, and we headed off after eating some not-too-bad fast food.

We were a little dumb, though, because we should have stopped there for gas.

Not too very long after that, we needed to gas up the car - and we were totally in the middle of nowhere. We first followed a sign saying that there was gas off a certain exit, but when we took the offramp and ended up at an intersection with a creepy “STARLITE MOTEL,” a store that only said “STORE” and a boarded up diner that said “CHUCKHOUSE” and NO GAS STATION. Erik hung a u-turn and proceeded back to the freeway to find a non-creepy gas station area. We kept seeing brightly lit signs for “ADULT SHOP” all through Oregon. It must be a chain like Lover’s Package or something. We stopped at a gas station (weird not having to pump yoru own gas in Oregon!) and laughed because the gas station, the “Adult Shop” and a 7-11 were all that was around for about 10 miles.

Not So Creepy Gas

We laughed about the Adult Shop for a while, listened to a book on tape for a while, and passed through, uh, Grant’s Pass. We started getting a little irritable and I was feeling a bit tired, and it was close to midnight. We made a few suggestions, discussed it and thought it might be best to stay overnight and continue driving in the morning, so that we could not only be safer but also see the scenery.

Granted, we could have driven further but I had a feeling we were going to be really cranky if we didn’t stop and I didn’t know when there’d be a town that had a hotel. Erik shrugged and as we drove down into California, in the semi-foggy darkness, we admired the stars from the road. Just after the border, we stopped in Yreka, CA and stayed at a Best Western. We were more tired than we thought, because I don’t remember much after we went to bed.

Additional Photos:

Sonic! America's Drive-in Adult Shop and Gas Station

November 18th, 2006 - Day Two

Weed This Way

We woke up early and checked out, took a pic of the town’s sign before leaving into the early morning mist at 8:15AM. The mist parted as we gained altitude and we were treated to a beautiful view of Mount Shasta.

We swerved to the roadside and snapped a picture of a hilarious roadsign directing us to Weed. We had to stop and take a picture of me and a picture of erik with the town’s sign. It was like we’d driven into a Cheech and Chong movie, at least if you’d only heard the jokes.

Northern California was full of beautiful scenery, but it was foggy enough for parts of the drive that we couldn’t take pictures. We stopped in the mountains to get out and stretch, goof around with a funny payphone and use the bathrooms, and then drove til we were just north of Redding, CA.

Prior to making another rest stop, we stopped for gas at a gas station on Hooker Creek Road (hilarious!). The rest stop just outside Redding had a lonely payphone and an ominous sign about rattlesnakes.

Rattlesnake Area

I wanted to stop at The Olive Pit in Corning, CA, and as we were pulling off I saw a sign that cracked me up. I’ve never seen so MANY olives and they had a free olive bar. We left the Olive Pit and realized we had driven exactly 666.9 miles since we started.

We arrived at Hotel Metropolis in downtown San Francisco a few hours later and decided we did NOT want to stay there the whole time - we stayed there that night, but left the next morning. That evening, we visited the Apple Store and a big shopping mall with a spiral escalator - we got some pizza, checked out a music store playing old school Nine Inch Nails, and went to the Sony Store. We then went back to the hotel, and passed out.

Additional Photos:

Yreka Into the Fog Rugged Terrain Grassy Hills Mt Shasta Roadside Video Mischief Weed Welcomes Kristin Weed Welcomes Erik Stone Phone All The Olives in the World Olive Pit California Countryside Video Droid?!

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