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San Francisco Vacation - Day 6

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November 22nd, 2006 - Day Six

After waking up, we took the subway down to the waterfront, where we went to a bagel shop for coffee and bagels. The morning was misty and cool but not uncomfortably cold, and it was kind of fun to walk down the sidewalk and see the fog burn off a bit. I had to use the bathroom, and I swear we couldn’t find one. Finally, we stopped at a weird, “horizontal” mall and got a bathroom code from the mall security to open the bathroom door. Weird.

Surrealism Kicks Ass

Spent time at the waterfront, but not much. We found an awesome mural depicting Salvador Dali and took a picture in front of it, but even though we hadn’t done much except walk and eat, we were a little tired so we went back to the hotel room for a little nap. A few hours later, much more awake and relaxed, we headed back out to see the famous Lombard St.. Even though the light was fading it was still impressively steep from the top and the twists and turns of the street were as strange and weird as I’d heard! We decided to come back during daylight. I wanted to go up to Coit Tower, up on top of Telegraph Hill, to get a view of San Francisco at night. I was absolutely not disappointed!

We had a panoramic view of the city, the bay, and even out to the ocean, from the top of the hill, and we found out that we could actually go up inside the tower. So after I snapped a shot of the San Francisco waterfront and the Bay Bridge from the base of the tower and we went up inside to see the 360 degree panoramic view from the top of the tower. Erik took video and I took a few pictures of the arched crown of the open-roofed art deco tower.

Waterfront Glitter

The lights that illuminate the tower had yet to come on when we got there, and as they slowly warmed up while we were up there, it caused the the arches to glow against the blackness of the sky. We descended the tower and took a last walk around the the grounds of the park one last time, admiring the fully illuminated Coit Tower’s stark contrast against the black sky.

Back at the hotel, we ordered some delicious pizza and breadsticks. It started raining outside as we ate dinner, and that disappointed us since the next day was Thanksgiving and since we have no family in SF, we had decided to go visit Alcatraz Island and do other “outside” stuff.

With the rain pouring down outside, we watched a movie, and talked to a few friends online. The weather, up until then, had been absolutely perfect. We hear, though, the weather had sucked and been aboslutely crazy in Seattle the entire time we were gone. Lightning and thunder and pouring rain and wind… while we were happily walking around San Francisco without jackets.

When we went to bed, it was still pouring down rain.

Additional Images

Bay Bridge at Nightfall San Francisco by Night Arches and Shadows Coit Tower Arches Detail Erik in the Tower Coit Tower

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